Welcome to Wei Lab
at the Liquid Crystal Institute

We are a dynamic group with multidisciplinary background; our research is aimed at fundamental understanding of soft materials confined in low dimensions, advanced manufacturing for new soft material engineering, and devices applications in a variety of fields. Our current projects include stimuli-responsive and active soft matter such as liquid crystals, liquid crystal polymers, topological defects, plasmonic photopatterning of molecular orientations, programmable origamis, diffusion/self-assembly of low symmetry colloids, 3D and 4D printing. Students working in our group are involved in many aspects of research activities such as device design, numerical modeling , and fabrication and testing. Students with multidisciplinary background interested in joining us should contact Prof. Wei.


Dec 20, 2016: Work in collaboration with Prof. Matthew Lehnert on how insects drink fluids from porous substrates is accepted for publication in Proc. the Royal Soc. B, great job Matt!

Nov 18, 2016: Work in collaboration with Prof. Oleg Lavrentovich and his group on commanding the chaotic motion of bacteria is published in Science

Jan 01, 2016: Work on high‐resolution and high‐throughput plasmonic photopatterning of molecular orientations is published in Advanced Materials, and highlighted as Frontispiece.

Mar 01, 2014: Ayan Chakrabarty depended his dissertation and departs to pursue a post-doc at the University of Michigan

Jan 15, 2014: Resonant Cavity Modes of Circular Plasmonic Patch Nanoantennas is published in Applied Physics Letters.

Dec 13, 2013: Grand opening of the Upgraded LCI Prototype Facility includes poster presentations from Ayan Chakrabarty, Jakub Kolacz and Yubing Guo.

Oct 30, 2013: High-Precision Tracking of Brownian Boomerang Colloidal Particles Confined in Quasi Two Dimensions is published in Langmuir.

Oct 24, 2013: Our recent work on Bownian Motion of boomerang colloids gets recognition from Physics World.

Oct 18, 2013: Our work on Boomerang colloids is the subject of APS Focus.

Oct 18, 2013: Brownian Motion of Boomerang Colloidal Particles is published in Physical Review Letters.