AlphaMicron, Kent, OH
AlphaMicron was founded in 1997 by three faculty members of Kent State University��s Liquid Crystal Institute and is known for developing digital eyewear which incorporates its patented VALiD (Variable Attenuation Liquid Crystal Device) technology.

Global Lighting Technologies, Brecksville, OH
Global Lighting Technologies Inc. is the world leader in new and innovative solutions for LCD backlight and LCD backlighting.

HANA Microdisplay Technologies, Inc., Twinsburg, OH
Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) reflective microdisplays.

Kent Displays, Inc., Kent, OH
Kent Displays, Inc. is the world leader in the research, development, and manufacture of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display products.

LXD Inc., Cleveland, OH
LXD is a high technology company founded by the originators of LCD's and has been a major contributor to the LCD industry in manufacturing, development, and research for over 35 years.