Synthesis Facility


Dr. Quan Li supervises the Liquid Crystal Institute's facilities for Organic Synthesis. The facility can provide researchers with liquid crystalline materials that are not commercially available. Materials that have been previously reported in the literature can be requested by any interested researcher. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of synthesis. Researchers can also discuss with Dr. Li, the possible design and synthesis of new materials through a collaborative research project. The facility can also purify impure single liquid crystals for a fee and can formulate mixtures when an exact composition is provided.

The Organic Synthesis Facility is well known for providing high quality liquid crystalline materials in useable quantites. We have expertise in deuterated materials, esters, cyanobiphenyls, ferroelectrics, diacetylenes, lipid salts, etc.

Interest in obtaining a small molecule liquid crystalline material that is not commercially available should be directed to:

Dr. Quan Li
Liquid Crystal Institute
Kent State University
Kent OH 44242-0001
Tel: (330) 672-1537; Fax: (330) 672-2796

Request Form - to request liquid crystalline materials from the synthesis group. For questions regarding this form contact Rameshbabu Krishnamurthy at (330) 672-1547 or