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Since 11/14/2014
12017Optical Simulation and Fabrication of Pancharatnam (Geometric) Phase Devices from Liquid CrystalsKun GaoPhilip BosChemical Physics4
22017LC/Polymer Composites, Scattering Properties and Application in DisplaysAlireza MoheghiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics2
32017Active Colloids in Isotropic and Anisotropic ElectrolytesChenhui PengOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
42016Dynamic and Magneto-Optic Properties of Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsSeyyed Muhammad SaliliAntal JakliChemical Physics1
52016Twist Bend and Double Twist in Liquid CrystalsJie XiangOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics1
62016Electro-Optic Response of Hometropic, Hole Patterned, Nematic Liquid Crystals Cells Under AC and DC VoltageSouptik MukherjeeBahman TaheriChemical Physics-
72016Development of Liquid Crystal Infrared Imaging SensorsValerie FinnemeyerPhilip BosChemical Physics-
82016Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystals: Topology-Mediated Electro-Optical Behavior and ApplicationsLibo WengLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
92016A Swing Driven By Liquid CrystalsCheng ChengHiroshi Yokoyama
Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Chemical Physics-
102016Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals: From Viscoelastic Properties to Living Liquid CrystalsShuang ZhouOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
112016Micropatterned Photoalignment for Wavefront Controlled Switchable optical DevicesNikolaus GlazarHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics-
122015Modeling and Characterization of Dye-Doped Guest-Host Liquid Crystal EyewearPedro Coutino SotoBahman Taheri
Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Chemical Physics-
132015Liquid Crystalline Amorphous Blue Phase: Tangled Topological Defects, Polymer-stabilization, and Device ApplicationMin Su KimLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
142015New Types of Liquid Crystal Host Guest SystemsAnshul SharmaTorsten Hegmann
Elda Hegmann
Chemical Physics1
152015Topological Defects In Lyotropic and Thermotropic NematicsYoungki KimOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
162015High Efficiency Double Twist Pancharatnam Phase Optical Beam DeflectorsHsien-Hui ChengPhilip BosChemical Physics2
172015Induced Shape Changes In Liquid Crystal Elastomers Mykhailo PevnyiPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
182015Liquid Crystal Foams Generated by T-junction Microfluidic Device and their Electrical ManipulationShuojia ShiHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics-
192015Color Tuning in Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsHossein NematiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
202015Micro- and Nano-Materials for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging ApplicationsHuan YanChanjoong KimChemical Physics-
212015Parallel Cracked ITO On Pet Substrate And Its Application In Frequency Controlled PDLC Window ShutterDa-Wei LeeJohn WestChemical Physics-
222015Nanostructures of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals - Transmission Electron Microscopy, X-ray and Polarizing Microscopy StudiesCuiyu ZhangAntal JakliChemical Physics-
232015Artificial Microscopic Structures in Nematic Liquid Crystals Created by Photoalignment and Controlled Confinement: Instrumentation, Fabrication and CharacterizationChristopher CulbreathHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics-
242014Statistical Physics of Orientational Order and CurvatureThanh Son NguyenJonathan SelingerChemical Physics-
252014Nanosecond Electric Modification of Order ParametersVolodymyr BorshchOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
262014Polymer’s Anchoring Behavior in Liquid Crystal CellsYue CuiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
272014Polymer Stabilized and Dispersed Blue PhasesEmine KemikliogluLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
282014Modeling Liquid Crystal Polymeric DevicesVianney Gimenez PintoRobin SelingerChemical Physics-
292014Modes, Excitation and Applications of Plasmonic Nano-Apertures and Nano-CavitiesFeng WangQi-Huo WeiChemical Physics-
302014Liquid Crystal Enabled Electrokinetic PhenomenaIsrael Lazo MartinezOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
312014Brownian Motion of Low Symmetry Collidal ParticlesAyan ChakrabartyQi-Huo Wei
Jonathan Selinger
Satyendra Kumar
322013High Quality Liquid Crystal Lens and Optimizatioin with Floating ElectrodesLiwei LiPhilip BosChemical Physics-
332013From Synthesis to Piezoelectric Studies of Central-Ring-Substituted Bent-Core Liquid Crystals and Their CompositesNick DiorioAntal JakliChemical Physics-
342013Low Power LCDsYi HuangPhilip BosChemical Physics-
352012Controllable Liquid Crystal Alignment with the Assistance of Reactive MonomersLu LuPhilip BosChemical Physics-
362012Surface Interaction of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Wilder IglesiasAntal JakliChemical Physics-
372012Effects of Electric Field, Surface Alignment and Guest Materials in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsRafael ZolaDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
382012Hybrid Particle-Finite Element Elastodynamics Simulations of Nematic Liquid Crystal ElastomersBadel MbangaRobin SelingerChemical Physics-
392011Self-Assembly, Elasticity, and Orientational Order in Soft MatterJun GengJonathan Selinger
Robin Selinger
Chemical Physics-
402011Polymer Dispersed and Stabilized Liquid CrystalsSarah HicksDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics1
412011Statistical Mechanics of Nanoparticle Suspensions and Granular Materials Lena LopatinaJonathan SelingerChemical Physics-
422011Development and Characterization of Blue Phase Made from Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsStefanie TaushanoffAntal JakliChemical Physics-
432010Soft-Assembly and Characterization of Anisotropic MetamaterialsJake FontanaPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
442010Dielectric Response of Liquid Crystals Formed by Bent-Core and Chiral MoleculesBohdan SenyukOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
452010Self-Assembly of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Effects of Additives And ApplicationsHeung-Shik ParkOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
462010Liquid Crystal Displays for Pixelated Glare Shielding EyewearShawn HurleyDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
472010Macroscopic Modeling of the Smectic-CG Phase Formed by Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsGregory RichardsEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics-
482010Statistical Mechanics of Polar, Biaxial and Chiral Order in Liquid CrystalsSubas DhakalJonathan Selinger
David Allender
492010Electrically Tunable Colors of Chiral Liquid Crystals for Photonic And Display ApplicationsShin-Ying LuLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics1
502010Orientationally Ordered Particles: Characterization and ApplicationsJeremy NealPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
512010Tunable Liquid Crystal Etalon and Photonic Crystal DevisesEnkh-Amgalan(Mike) DorjgotovPhilip BosChemical Physics-
522009Tunable Liquid Crystal Polarization GratingsLei ShiPhilip BosChemical Physics1
532009High Dielectric Constant Materials Containing Liquid CrystalsClinton BraganzaLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
542009New Electro-Optical Applications of Liquid Crystals: from Beam Steering and Tunable Lenses to Negative Refraction and Field-Induced Dynamics of ColloidsOleg PishnyakOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
552009Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on Director Dynamics in Uniaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsMingxia GuOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
562009Electromechanical Couplings in Liquid CrystalsJohn HardenAntal JakliChemical Physics-
572008Effect of Surface Alignment Layer on Electro-Optical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal DisplaysDmytro (Mitya) ReznikovPhilip BosChemical Physics-
582008Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Discotic Liquid Crystal Porphyrins for Organic PhotovoltaicsXiaoli ZhouQuan LiChemical Physics-
592008Structure and Rheology of Some Bent Core Liquid CrystalsChristopher BaileyAntal JakliChemical Physics-
602008Electro-optical Characterization of Bistable Smectic A Liquid Crystal DisplaysEbru BuyuktanirJohn WestChemical Physics-
612008The Physics and Application of Liquid Crystal/Ferroelectric Particle ColloidsFenghua LiJohn WestChemical Physics-
622008Wavelength Tunable Devices Based on Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsHailiang ZhangJack KellyChemical Physics-
632007Dielectric Relaxation and Electrooptical Effects in Nematic Liquid CrystalsYe YinOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
642007Optical Properties of Compensated Liquid Crystal DisplaysYong-Kyu JangPhilip BosChemical Physics-
652006Anchoring Transitions on Large-Angle-Deposited SiOx Thin FilmsCheng ChenPhilip BosChemical Physics-
662006Multidimensional Optics and Dynamics of Liquid CrystalsShouping TangJack KellyChemical Physics1
672006Stressed Liquid Crystals: Properties and ApplicationsGuoqiang ZhangJohn WestChemical Physics-
682006Optical Characterization of Lyotropic Chromonic LCsHui LiuOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
692006Microparticles as a New Analytical Method to Study Liquid Crystal ColloidsKe ZhangJohn WestChemistry-
702006Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent Dyes and Liquid Crystal SemiconductorsAlexander SemyonovBob TwiegChemical Physics-
712005Optical Properties and Polymer Wall Formation in Cholesteric DisplaysVolodymyr BodnarJohn WestChemical Physics-
722005Mechanic and Electro-Optical Properties of Non-conventional Liquid Crystal SystemsGuangxun LiaoAntal JakliChemical Physics-
732005Control of Disclinations and Walls in New Types of Display DevicesYanli ZhangPhilip BosChemical Physics-
742005Reflective and Transreflective DisplaysFushan ZhouDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
752005Nanostructuring Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid CrystalsTod SchneiderOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
762005Liquid Crystal Based Beam SteeringJianru ShiPhilip BosChemical Physics-
772005Liquid Crystal Diffractive Optical Elements: Applications and LimitationsXinghua WangPhilip BosChemical Physics-
782005Fluorescence and Lasing in Liquid Crystalline Band Gap MaterialsWenyi CaoPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
792004Fast Switching Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Devices Morphology and Electro-Optical PropertiesSang Hwa KimLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics1
802004Light Scattering Studies of Dynamics of Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsStrahinja StojadinovicSamuel Sprunt
Antal Jakli
812004Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals: The Dynamics of Phase Separation and the Saffman-Taylor InstabilityRoland EnnisPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
822004Electro-optical and Dielectric properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Formed by Banana-shaped MoleculesYuanming HuangAntal JakliChemical Physics-
832003Control of Layer Defects in Smectic C* Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal DevicesChenhui WangPhilip BosChemical Physics-
842003Studies of Optical Systems Containing Liquid Crystals and Holographic Optical ElementsErica Bramley MontbachPhilip BosChemical Physics-
852003Three-Dimensional Director Fields Studied by Fluorescence Confocal Polarizing MicroscopyIvan SmalyukhOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
862003Spatio-Orientationally Organized Polymer Microstructures Obtained on Self-Assembled Pattern-Forming States of Liquid Crystals: Morphology, Phase Separation and Potential ApplicationsShin-Woon KangLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
872003Chiral Materials and Cell Designs for the Cholesteric DisplayTechnologyAsad KhanWilliam DoaneChemical Physics-
882002Studies on Non-Contact Alignment of Liquid CrystalsLinli SuJohn WestChemistry-
892002Electro-optical Polarization Interference FiltersSalman SaeedPhilip BosChemical Physics-
902002Two Dimensional Liquid Crystal Devices and their Computer SimulationsBin WangPhilip BosChemical Physics1
912001Kinetics of Patterned Electric Field Induced Polymer Segregation in Liquid Crystal SolutionsDavid HeinemanJohn WestChemical Physics-
922001Photoinduced Aggregation in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsDmitry VoloshchenkoOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
932001Physical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal DisplaysFang ZhangDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
942001Correlation Between the Surface Properties and Liquid Crystal Anchoring on Polymer FilmsBharat Raj AcharyaSatyendra KumarPhysics-
952001Coherent Backscattering from Complex LiquidsLetemeskel AsfawSamuel SpruntPhysics-
962001Characterization of Some Wide Viewing Angle Liquid Crystal DisplaysWeimin LiuDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
972000Transitions from the Homeotropic in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsJim AndersonPhilip BosChemical Physics-
982000A Dynamic Light Scattering Study of Ferroelectric Phases of Chiral Smectic Liquid CrystalsDmitri A. KonovalovSamuel SpruntPhysics-
992000Dynamics of the Transitions Among Cholesteric Liquid Crystal TexturesXiang-Dong MiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
1002000Dynamics of Chiral Smectic-A and Twist Grain Boundary Phases of Liquid Anlun TangSamuel SpruntPhysics-
1012000Diffractive and Refractive Liquid Crystal Beam Steering DevicesCharles TitusPhilip BosChemical Physics1
1022000Light Propagation in Complex Liquid Crystal StructureHaijun YuanPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics-
1032000Analysis of Numerical Methods for 1-D Liquid Crystal Display OpticsChemical Physics-
1042000Optimization of Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Device Jennifer ColegroveJack KellyChemical Physics-
1052000Temperature Dependency of Viscoelastic Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsMingji CuiJack KellyPhysics1
1062000Patrick DunnDeng-Ke YangPhysics-
1072000Elasticity of Defects and Structures in Uniaxial Liquid Crystalstomohiro IshikawaOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
1082000Polymer Networks Formed in Liquid Crystals and Their ApplicationsRui-Quing MaDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
1092000A Study of the Phase Separation of PDLC Using Patterned ITO Substrate Coated with a Variety of Alignment LayersEui-Yeul ParkJohn WestChemical Physics-
1102000The Homeotropic to Planar Transition in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsPhilip E. WatsonPhilip BosChemical Physics-
1112000Electro-Optical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Devices and Applications of Dual Frequency CholestericsMing XuDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics-
1121999Liquid Crystal Orientational Order in Confined Geometries: An NMR Huairen ZengDaniele FinotelloPhysics-
1131999Comparative Studies of Single-Polarizer Reflective Liquid Crystal DisplaysKuo-Yuin LiJack KellyChemical Physics-
1141999Investigation of an Under-Twist Defect Near the Threshold in STN Liquid Crystal DisplaysShuxin LiPhilip BosChemical Physics-
1151999Fabrication and Optical Effects of a Discotic Negative Birefringence Film for Liquid Crystal DisplaysHiroyuki MoriPhilip BosChemical Physics-
1161999Single and Multiple Light Scattering Studies of PDLC Films in the presence of Electric FieldWei WuJack KellyPhysics-
1171999Multi-Dimensional Alignment of Liquid Crystals and its Application to the Bistable Twist CellCharles HokePhilip BosChemical Physics-
1181998Numerical Modeling of Confined Liquid-Crystal SystemsSami MkaddemEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics-
1191998Theory of Liquid Crystal Static Distortions in Uniaxial and Biaxial NematicsHong LiuDavid AllenderPhysics-
1201998A Theoretical Study of Surface Induced Phenomena in nematic Liquid CrystalsHristina GalabovaDavid AllenderPhysics-
1211998Polarized Ultraviolet Light Induced Alignment for Liquid Crystal Displays on well-Defined Polyimide FilmsXiao-Ding WangJohn West
David Allender
1221997The Effect of Temperature on the Stability and Electro-Optics of Bistable Reflective CholestericsMartin BrettJohn WestChemical Physics-
1231997Laser Induced Configurational Transition in Liquid CrystalsGongjian HuPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1241996Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions in Porous MediaSihai QianDaniele FinotelloPhysics-
1251996The Study of Dielectric and Electro-Optic Response of Liquid Crystals in Confined SystemsHong DingJack KellyPhysics-
1261996Field-Induced Transitions in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Dynamics and Applications in DisplaysXiao-Yang HuangWilliam DoanePhysics-
1271996Characterization and Optimization of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystals: Dynamics and Applications in DisplaysSyed H. JamalJack KellyPhysics-
1281995Nonrubbing Techniques for Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals: Fundamentals and ApplicationsJianmin ChenDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1291995Light Induced Instabilities in SmecticsRaymond FolksOleg LavrentovichPhysics-
1301995Reflective Cholesteric Liquid Crystal DisplaysZhijian LuWilliam DoanePhysics-
1311995X-ray Studies of Phase Transitions and Structures of Some Columnar Liquid Song DaiNathan SpielbergPhysics-
1321995Reflection from Imperfect Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Basic Properties and ApplicationsWilliam FritzWilliam DoanePhysics-
1331995Critical Behavior of Heat Capacity Near a Nematic-Smectic A Tricritical PointJing HuangDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1341995Surface Anchoring at a Polymer/Liquid Crystal Interface in the Neighborhood of the Glass TransitionYimin JiJack KellyPhysics-
1351995Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Surface Effects and Critical Phenomena in Nematic Liquid CrystalsNatasha KothekarDavid AllenderPhysics-
1361995High Resolution X-Ray and Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of Liquid Crystal StructureJoseph T. MangSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1371994Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystals: Polymer Dispersions and Chiral Smectic PhasesSugath AbegunarathnaAlfred SaupePhysics-
1381994High Resolution X-Ray Reflectivity Studies of Ordering in Liquid Crystal and Polymer Thin FilmsBrian C. CullSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1391994Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Textures for Scattering Mode Projection Light ValvesYeuk K. FungWilliam DoanePhysics-
1401994Molecular Dynamics of Glass-Forming Polymer, Plasticized Polymers and Liquid Crystal Polymers: An Electron Paramagnetic StudySeung Hee LeeGelerinterPhysics-
1411994Determination of Surface Anchoring of Nematic Liquid Crystals from Optical Response MeasurementsJianlin LiPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1421994The Effects of Polyethylene Oxide on Curvature, Elasticity and Viscosity of Micellar Nematic Cesium Perfluoro-Octanotate Water MixturesSungsik PakAlfred SaupePhysics-
1431994Finite-Element Analysis of the Landau-de Gennes Minimization Problem for Liquid Crystals in ConfinementTimothy DavisEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics1
1441994Solution of the Landau-de Gennes Equations of Liquid Crystal Physics on a SIMD ComputerRheinhardt ZellerEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics-
1451994Calorimetric and X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Phase Transitions in Lyotropic Liquid CrystalsSung-Tae ShinSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1461993Phase Behavior and Electro-Optics of Dispersions of Polymers and Low Molecular Weight Liquid CrystalsDavid S. FredleyJohn WestChemical Physics-
1471993AC Calorimetric Study of Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions and Restrictive GeometriesGermano IannacchioneDaniele FinotelloPhysics-
1481993Iterative Solutions to Nonlinear Wave Equation in a X(2) Medium and Permittivity Gradient Induced Polarization and Second Harmonic Generation in Inhomogeneous MediaNandana AmarasingheDavid MoroiPhysics-
1491993The Effect of Molecular Anchoring and Curvature on Confined Nematic Liquid CrystalsRenate Ondris-CrawfordWilliam DoanePhysics-
1501993Effects of Polymers in the Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystals and Dynamics of Field AlignmentDu Rim KimAlfred SaupePhysics-
1511993High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Study of Frustrated SmecticsPrem L. PatelSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1521992Optical Fibers with Liquid Crystalline CoresHefen LinPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1531992Novel Mesomorphic Systems Based on Heteromethylene Bridged BiphenylsDevdatt NagvekharDerry FishelChemistry-
1541992Dielectric Response of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystalline FilmsDesmond SeekolaJack KellyPhysics-
1551992Phase Separation Kinetics of Binary Liquid Crystal Polymer MixturesJae Yon KimPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1561991High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Nematic to Smectic-A Phase Transition and the Frustrated Smectic A PhaseLi ChenSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1571991Nematic Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Cavities: A 2H-NMR StudyGregory P. CrawfordWilliam DoaneChemical Physics-
1581991Critical Properties of Nematic-Isotropic Transition Near the Landau Point and Line Defects in Biaxial NematicsJiming LiuAlfred SaupePhysics-
1591991Nonlinear Optical Properties of Liquid CrystalsHaiji (Jim) YuanPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1601991X-Ray Study of Some Columnar Thermotropic MesophasesMoinuddin SarkarNathan SpielbergPhysics-
1611991Part 1. Novel Syntheses of Substituted 6H-D(b,d) Pyrans by Pschorr Cyclization; Part 2. Synthesis and Studies of Mesomorphic Compounds Derived from 3-Amino and 3-Hydroxy-6H-D(b,d) PyransWen-Chen SuDerry FishelChemistry-
1621991Mossbauer Studies of Some 1. Iron(III) Spin Crossover Systems and 2. A Cold Cholesteric Liquid CrystalDarwin BoydDavid UhrichPhysics-
1631991Instabilities During Directional Solidification of a Transparent MaterialJames T GleesonPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1641990Quantum Simulations of the Ground State Electronic Structure of Diatomic MoleculesRavi SubramaniamMichael LeePhysics-
1651990Liquid Crystals Containing the Dibenzopyran Nucleus: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of 3-(4-n-Alkoxybenzylidene-amino) Dibenzo[b,d]PyranSundar SubramanyamDerry FishelChemistry-
1661990Electro-Optic Response of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid CrystalsJohn H. ErdmannWilliam DoanePhysics-
1671990Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Homeotropic Surface Effect on the Cholesteric-Nematic Phase Transition of a Compensated MixtureJong-Cheon LeeDavid Allender
Vernon Neff
1681990Elasticity and Dynamic Properties of Ionic Micellar MixturesSulakshana PlumleyAlfred SaupePhysics-
1691989Light Scattering and Magnetic Field Deformation Study Near the Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition: Critical Behavior of Twist and Bend Elastic Hemasiri VithanaDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1701989Light Scattering from Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsJoe B. Whitehead, Jr.William DoanePhysics-
1711989Nematic Liquid Crystals in Electric and Nematic FieldsBarbara J. FriskenPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1721989Model Hamiltonian Calculations of the Nonlinear Polarizabilities of Conjugated MoleculesSteven RisserMichael LeePhysics-
1731988Effects of Anesthetic Membrane Solutes on Orientational Order in Lecithin Bilayer Membranes: An NMR StudyNason PhonphokPhilip Westerman
William Doane
1741987Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsAttilio GolemmeWilliam DoaneChemical Physics-
1751987Quantum Simulation of Polyene Ground StatesStefan KlemmMichael LeePhysics-
1761987Critical Properties of Phase Transitions in Micellar Nematics in Microscopic Textures of Micellar CholestericsGeorge MelnikAlfred SaupePhysics-
1771987A Deuterium Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of the SF PhaseJoao FigueirinhasWilliam DoanePhysics-
1781987A Mode 1 Light Scattering Study of the Smectic-A Phase Near the NA Transition: Critical Behavior of the Layer Dilation Elastic CoefficientMichael E. LewisDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1791987Curvature Elasticity of the Micellar NematicsE. ZhouAlfred SaupePhysics-
1801987Director Dynamics Above Nematic-Smectic (A,C) TransitionsIqbal KhanDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1811986The Influence of Monovalent Ions on Dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-choline Bilayer Structure and PackingBeth A. CunninghamLeonard Lis
William Doane
1821986Classical and Quantum Computer Simulation Studies: Molecular Dynamics of the Kerr Effect in Carbon di-sulfide in Green's Function Monte Carlo Calculations of the Electronic Correlation Energy in AtomsYoung-Hee LeeMichael LeePhysics-
1831986Deuterium NMR of Asymmetric Motion and Molecular Ordering in Liquid Crystals and Microdroplet Controlled Scattering in Display ApplicationsBao-Gang WuWilliam DoanePhysics-
1841985Quantum Simulations of the Ground State of the One-Dimensional Hubbard ModelKazi A. MottakabbirMichael LeePhysics-
1851985Phenomena at the Isotropic - Nematic Transition Induced by Surface OrderGirardeau HendersonDavid AllenderPhysics-
1861985Analysis of the X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of the Skewed Cybotactic Nematic Phase of p-n-Octyloxybenzoic AcidHsing-Chung LiuNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
1871985Theoretical Studies of Local Orientational Order in Cholesterics and Cholesteric Liquid Crystal MixturesPetros VlachopoulosMichael LeePhysics-
1881985The Development of Some Molecular Models for Smectic A PhasesJolly A. RahmanNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
1891985An EPR Study of Glass-Forming Liquids and Liquid CrystalsJohanan SpielbergEdward GelerinterPhysics-
1901984Nematic Phases in Liquid Crystals: Theory of Uniaxiality and Biaxiality and an NMR Study of ReetrantsNajma HafizDavid Allender
William Doane
1911984Iron-57 Mossbauer Temperature Study of Smectic A., Smectic B and Smectic C Liquid Crystalline GlassesRobert P. MarandeDavid UhrichPhysics-
1921984A Deuterium NMR Study of Orientational Order and Spatial Modulation in Phosphatidyl Choline Bilayers Including Those Containing Cholesterol and ProteinLawrence M. StrenkWilliam DoanePhysics-
1931983Director Elasticity Above the Nematic-Smectic A TransitionRizwan MahmoodDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1941983Theoretical Studies on the Dielectric Permittivity of Liquid Crystals with Application to Alkylazoxybenzene DerivativesRoberet A. RothAlfred SaupePhysics-
1951983Physical Properties of Nematic Decylammonium Chloride/Ammonium Chloride/Water SystemsMichael E. StefanovAlfred SaupePhysics-
1961983Thermal Properties Near the Nematic-Smectic A Tricritical PointRand R. BiggersDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1971983Optical Studies on Micellar Nematics and on Phase Transitions Between Nematic StatesPoonpong BoonbrahmAlfred SaupePhysics-
1981983Light Scattering and Magnetic Deformation Study of the Nematic-Smectic A TransitionClarence E. GoodenDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1991983An X-Ray Study on the Thermal Behavior of Potassium-Palmitate-Water MixturesSamuel P. BenigniNathan SpielbergPhysics-
2001983Sn-119 Mossbauer Investigation of Different Sn-Bearing Molecules in Nematic and Smectic GlassesDouglas G. TodoroffDavid UhrichPhysics-
2011982A Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Study of Biaxial Ordering and Self-Diffusion in Chiral Nematic and Smectic PhasesZvi YanivWilliam DoanePhysics-
2021982Proton Magnetic Resonance in Nematic Solvents: Orientation and Structure of Anthaquinone Derivatives and a Linewidth Analysis of Benzene SpectrumBrij B. SharmaAlfred SaupePhysics-
2031982Molecular and Segmental Orientational Order in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: An NMR StudyAnil N. ShettyWilliam DoanePhysics-
2041982Laser Light Scattering of Surface Fluctuations of Liquid CrystalsLih-Bin ShihGlenn BrownChemistry-
2051981Mean Field Study of Molecular Tilt in Uniaxial Liquid Crystalline PhasesMichael R. KuzmaDavid Allender
David Johnson
2061981Orientational Order in Phospholipid, Cholesterol-Phospholipid, and Protein-Phospholipid Bilayer Membranes: A DMR StudyMaria J. VazWilliam DoanePhysics-
2071981Mossbauer Study of the Smectic Liquid Crystalline Glass Phase Using Sn-bearing MoleculesPetros KtoridesDavid UhrichPhysics-
2081981Indices of Refraction at Smectic A-Smectic C Phase TransitionsThomas E. LockhartEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2091980Specific Heat in the Vicinity of a Nematic-Smectic A-Smectic C Multicritical Richard J. DehoffDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2101980Elastic and Viscous Properties of Nematic Systems in Aqueous Decylammonium Chloride SolutionsThomas J. HavenAlfred SaupePhysics-
2111980Rotational Diffusion in Nematic Liquid CrystalsBernard L. RichardsDavid MoroiPhysics-
2121980Proton Magnetic Resonance Study on Iron bis(cyclopentadienyl) in Nematic SolutionsGerard H. BaginskiAlfred SaupePhysics-
2131980X-Ray and Optical Studies of Several Smectic PhasesArun EkachaiNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
2141980X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Skewed Cybotactic Nematic PhasesVijay N. SethnaNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
2151980Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Orientational Order in Lyotropic Liquid CrystalsNuno A. VazWilliam DoanePhysics-
2161980Structure-Property Relationships of Thermotropic Liquid CrystalsPrakash NaiksatamDerry FishelChemistry-
2171979The Effect of Calcium on the Thermotropic Phase Behavior of Dipalmitol Phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) MultilayersWilliam GraddickNathan SpielbergPhysics-
2181978Divergence of the Bend Curvature Coefficient above the Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition: Freedericksz TransitionDouglas J. BrisbinDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2191978A Test of Curvature Elasticity Above the Nematic-Smectic A Phase TransitionStephen J. MajorosDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2201978Iron-57 Mossbauer Temperature Study of Nematic, Smectic B and Smectic H Liquid Crystalline GlassesWalter J. LapriceDavid UhrichPhysics-
2211978NMR Studies of Orientational Order in the Smectic C Liquid Crystalline PhasePhilip J. BosWilliam DoanePhysics-
2221978Investigations of Liquid Crystals: Part I. The Effect of Terminal Substitutent Branching on Mesogenic Behavior of Phenyl Benzoates. Part II. Synthesis of Novel Organotin Compounds Exhibiting Liquid Crystalline BehaviorRichard DsidockyDerry FishelChemistry-
2231976An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of the Action of Selected Polyene Antibiotics on Lipid Planar Multibilayers (Model Membranes)Catherine M. FlickEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2241976Spin-Lattice Relaxation and Director Fluctuations in Nematic Liquid CrystalsPaul UklejaWilliam DoanePhysics-
2251976A Class of Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamic Effects in a Nematic Liquid CrystalElan MoritzW FranklinPhysics-
2261976Fe-57 Mossbauer Study of Four Ferrocene Derivatives in a Smectic B Liquid Crystalline GlassVictor Q. AimiuwuDavid UhrichPhysics-
2271975Optical Studies of Electric Field Effects in Nematic Liquid Crystals That Have Some Smectic OrderingArthur L. BermanEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2281975Mean Field Study of the Formation of Uniaxial Smectic Liquid Crystals with Polarized LayersPanagiotis J. PhotinosAlfred SaupePhysics-
2291974The Effect of Compressibility on the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid CrystalsJohn S. H. ChienVernon NeffChemistry-
2301974Theories of Intermolecular Potential and Molecular Diffusion in the Mesophases of Liquid Crystalline SystemsKwo-Sun ChuDavid MoroiPhysics-
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