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Since 11/14/2014
32017Optical Simulation and Fabrication of Pancharatnam (Geometric) Phase Devices from Liquid CrystalsKun GaoPhilip BosChemical Physics299
42017LC/Polymer Composites, Scattering Properties and Application in DisplaysAlireza MoheghiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics172
52017Active Colloids in Isotropic and Anisotropic ElectrolytesChenhui PengOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics90
62016Dynamic and Magneto-Optic Properties of Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsSeyyed Muhammad SaliliAntal JakliChemical Physics85
72016Twist Bend and Double Twist in Liquid CrystalsJie XiangOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics98
82016Electro-Optic Response of Hometropic, Hole Patterned, Nematic Liquid Crystals Cells Under AC and DC VoltageSouptik MukherjeeBahman TaheriChemical Physics100
92016Development of Liquid Crystal Infrared Imaging SensorsValerie FinnemeyerPhilip BosChemical Physics99
102016Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystals: Topology-Mediated Electro-Optical Behavior and ApplicationsLibo WengLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics198
112016A Swing Driven By Liquid CrystalsCheng ChengHiroshi Yokoyama
Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Chemical Physics123
122016Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals: From Viscoelastic Properties to Living Liquid CrystalsShuang ZhouOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics131
132016Micropatterned Photoalignment for Wavefront Controlled Switchable optical DevicesNikolaus GlazarHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics75
142015Modeling and Characterization of Dye-Doped Guest-Host Liquid Crystal EyewearPedro Coutino SotoBahman Taheri
Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Chemical Physics161
152015Liquid Crystalline Amorphous Blue Phase: Tangled Topological Defects, Polymer-stabilization, and Device ApplicationMin Su KimLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics76
162015New Types of Liquid Crystal Host Guest SystemsAnshul SharmaTorsten Hegmann
Elda Hegmann
Chemical Physics77
172015Topological Defects In Lyotropic and Thermotropic NematicsYoungki KimOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics133
182015High Efficiency Double Twist Pancharatnam Phase Optical Beam DeflectorsHsien-Hui ChengPhilip BosChemical Physics132
192015Induced Shape Changes In Liquid Crystal Elastomers Mykhailo PevnyiPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics89
202015Liquid Crystal Foams Generated by T-junction Microfluidic Device and their Electrical ManipulationShuojia ShiHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics89
212015Color Tuning in Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsHossein NematiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics175
222015Micro- and Nano-Materials for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging ApplicationsHuan YanChanjoong KimChemical Physics70
232015Parallel Cracked ITO On Pet Substrate And Its Application In Frequency Controlled PDLC Window ShutterDa-Wei LeeJohn WestChemical Physics48
242015Nanostructures of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals - Transmission Electron Microscopy, X-ray and Polarizing Microscopy StudiesCuiyu ZhangAntal JakliChemical Physics124
252015Artificial Microscopic Structures in Nematic Liquid Crystals Created by Photoalignment and Controlled Confinement: Instrumentation, Fabrication and CharacterizationChristopher CulbreathHiroshi YokoyamaChemical Physics111
262014Statistical Physics of Orientational Order and CurvatureThanh Son NguyenJonathan SelingerChemical Physics82
272014Nanosecond Electric Modification of Order ParametersVolodymyr BorshchOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics74
282014Polymer’s Anchoring Behavior in Liquid Crystal CellsYue CuiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics82
292014Polymer Stabilized and Dispersed Blue PhasesEmine KemikliogluLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics66
302014Modeling Liquid Crystal Polymeric DevicesVianney Gimenez PintoRobin SelingerChemical Physics104
312014Modes, Excitation and Applications of Plasmonic Nano-Apertures and Nano-CavitiesFeng WangQi-Huo WeiChemical Physics50
322014Liquid Crystal Enabled Electrokinetic PhenomenaIsrael Lazo MartinezOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics69
332014Brownian Motion of Low Symmetry Collidal ParticlesAyan ChakrabartyQi-Huo Wei
Jonathan Selinger
Satyendra Kumar
342013High Quality Liquid Crystal Lens and Optimizatioin with Floating ElectrodesLiwei LiPhilip BosChemical Physics120
352013From Synthesis to Piezoelectric Studies of Central-Ring-Substituted Bent-Core Liquid Crystals and Their CompositesNick DiorioAntal JakliChemical Physics59
362013Low Power LCDsYi HuangPhilip BosChemical Physics59
372012Controllable Liquid Crystal Alignment with the Assistance of Reactive MonomersLu LuPhilip BosChemical Physics83
382012Surface Interaction of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Wilder IglesiasAntal JakliChemical Physics58
392012Effects of Electric Field, Surface Alignment and Guest Materials in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsRafael ZolaDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics116
402012Hybrid Particle-Finite Element Elastodynamics Simulations of Nematic Liquid Crystal ElastomersBadel MbangaRobin SelingerChemical Physics42
412011Self-Assembly, Elasticity, and Orientational Order in Soft MatterJun GengJonathan Selinger
Robin Selinger
Chemical Physics71
422011Polymer Dispersed and Stabilized Liquid CrystalsSarah HicksDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics124
432011Statistical Mechanics of Nanoparticle Suspensions and Granular Materials Lena LopatinaJonathan SelingerChemical Physics31
442011Development and Characterization of Blue Phase Made from Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsStefanie TaushanoffAntal JakliChemical Physics56
452010Soft-Assembly and Characterization of Anisotropic MetamaterialsJake FontanaPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics53
462010Dielectric Response of Liquid Crystals Formed by Bent-Core and Chiral MoleculesBohdan SenyukOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics65
472010Self-Assembly of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Effects of Additives And ApplicationsHeung-Shik ParkOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics34
482010Liquid Crystal Displays for Pixelated Glare Shielding EyewearShawn HurleyDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics41
492010Macroscopic Modeling of the Smectic-CG Phase Formed by Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsGregory RichardsEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics23
502010Statistical Mechanics of Polar, Biaxial and Chiral Order in Liquid CrystalsSubas DhakalJonathan Selinger
David Allender
512010Electrically Tunable Colors of Chiral Liquid Crystals for Photonic And Display ApplicationsShin-Ying LuLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics52
522010Orientationally Ordered Particles: Characterization and ApplicationsJeremy NealPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics51
532010Tunable Liquid Crystal Etalon and Photonic Crystal DevisesEnkh-Amgalan(Mike) DorjgotovPhilip BosChemical Physics69
542009Tunable Liquid Crystal Polarization GratingsLei ShiPhilip BosChemical Physics100
552009High Dielectric Constant Materials Containing Liquid CrystalsClinton BraganzaLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics56
562009New Electro-Optical Applications of Liquid Crystals: from Beam Steering and Tunable Lenses to Negative Refraction and Field-Induced Dynamics of ColloidsOleg PishnyakOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics61
572009Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on Director Dynamics in Uniaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsMingxia GuOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics65
582009Electromechanical Couplings in Liquid CrystalsJohn HardenAntal JakliChemical Physics40
592008Effect of Surface Alignment Layer on Electro-Optical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal DisplaysDmytro (Mitya) ReznikovPhilip BosChemical Physics42
602008Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Discotic Liquid Crystal Porphyrins for Organic PhotovoltaicsXiaoli ZhouQuan LiChemical Physics45
612008Structure and Rheology of Some Bent Core Liquid CrystalsChristopher BaileyAntal JakliChemical Physics36
622008Electro-optical Characterization of Bistable Smectic A Liquid Crystal DisplaysEbru BuyuktanirJohn WestChemical Physics34
632008The Physics and Application of Liquid Crystal/Ferroelectric Particle ColloidsFenghua LiJohn WestChemical Physics-
642008Wavelength Tunable Devices Based on Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsHailiang ZhangJack KellyChemical Physics30
652007Dielectric Relaxation and Electrooptical Effects in Nematic Liquid CrystalsYe YinOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics69
662007Optical Properties of Compensated Liquid Crystal DisplaysYong-Kyu JangPhilip BosChemical Physics40
672006Anchoring Transitions on Large-Angle-Deposited SiOx Thin FilmsCheng ChenPhilip BosChemical Physics34
682006Multidimensional Optics and Dynamics of Liquid CrystalsShouping TangJack KellyChemical Physics42
692006Stressed Liquid Crystals: Properties and ApplicationsGuoqiang ZhangJohn WestChemical Physics40
702006Optical Characterization of Lyotropic Chromonic LCsHui LiuOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics26
712006Microparticles as a New Analytical Method to Study Liquid Crystal ColloidsKe ZhangJohn WestChemistry32
722006Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent Dyes and Liquid Crystal SemiconductorsAlexander SemyonovBob TwiegChemical Physics29
732005Optical Properties and Polymer Wall Formation in Cholesteric DisplaysVolodymyr BodnarJohn WestChemical Physics39
742005Mechanic and Electro-Optical Properties of Non-conventional Liquid Crystal SystemsGuangxun LiaoAntal JakliChemical Physics29
752005Control of Disclinations and Walls in New Types of Display DevicesYanli ZhangPhilip BosChemical Physics22
762005Reflective and Transreflective DisplaysFushan ZhouDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics31
772005Nanostructuring Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid CrystalsTod SchneiderOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics26
782005Liquid Crystal Based Beam SteeringJianru ShiPhilip BosChemical Physics77
792005Liquid Crystal Diffractive Optical Elements: Applications and LimitationsXinghua WangPhilip BosChemical Physics57
802005Fluorescence and Lasing in Liquid Crystalline Band Gap MaterialsWenyi CaoPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics43
812004Fast Switching Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Devices Morphology and Electro-Optical PropertiesSang Hwa KimLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics31
822004Light Scattering Studies of Dynamics of Bent-Core Liquid CrystalsStrahinja StojadinovicSamuel Sprunt
Antal Jakli
832004Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals: The Dynamics of Phase Separation and the Saffman-Taylor InstabilityRoland EnnisPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics30
842004Electro-optical and Dielectric properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Formed by Banana-shaped MoleculesYuanming HuangAntal JakliChemical Physics41
852003Control of Layer Defects in Smectic C* Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal DevicesChenhui WangPhilip BosChemical Physics40
862003Studies of Optical Systems Containing Liquid Crystals and Holographic Optical ElementsErica Bramley MontbachPhilip BosChemical Physics37
872003Three-Dimensional Director Fields Studied by Fluorescence Confocal Polarizing MicroscopyIvan SmalyukhOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics38
882003Spatio-Orientationally Organized Polymer Microstructures Obtained on Self-Assembled Pattern-Forming States of Liquid Crystals: Morphology, Phase Separation and Potential ApplicationsShin-Woon KangLiang-Chy ChienChemical Physics-
892003Chiral Materials and Cell Designs for the Cholesteric DisplayTechnologyAsad KhanWilliam DoaneChemical Physics47
902002Studies on Non-Contact Alignment of Liquid CrystalsLinli SuJohn WestChemistry45
912002Electro-optical Polarization Interference FiltersSalman SaeedPhilip BosChemical Physics30
922002Two Dimensional Liquid Crystal Devices and their Computer SimulationsBin WangPhilip BosChemical Physics81
932001Kinetics of Patterned Electric Field Induced Polymer Segregation in Liquid Crystal SolutionsDavid HeinemanJohn WestChemical Physics-
942001Photoinduced Aggregation in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsDmitry VoloshchenkoOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics-
952001Physical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal DisplaysFang ZhangDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics75
962001Correlation Between the Surface Properties and Liquid Crystal Anchoring on Polymer FilmsBharat Raj AcharyaSatyendra KumarPhysics31
972001Coherent Backscattering from Complex LiquidsLetemeskel AsfawSamuel SpruntPhysics12
982001Characterization of Some Wide Viewing Angle Liquid Crystal DisplaysWeimin LiuDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics23
992000Transitions from the Homeotropic in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsJim AndersonPhilip BosChemical Physics66
1002000A Dynamic Light Scattering Study of Ferroelectric Phases of Chiral Smectic Liquid CrystalsDmitri A. KonovalovSamuel SpruntPhysics30
1012000Dynamics of the Transitions Among Cholesteric Liquid Crystal TexturesXiang-Dong MiDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics45
1022000Dynamics of Chiral Smectic-A and Twist Grain Boundary Phases of Liquid Anlun TangSamuel SpruntPhysics17
1032000Diffractive and Refractive Liquid Crystal Beam Steering DevicesCharles TitusPhilip BosChemical Physics71
1042000Light Propagation in Complex Liquid Crystal StructureHaijun YuanPeter Palffy-MuhorayChemical Physics46
1052000Analysis of Numerical Methods for 1-D Liquid Crystal Display OpticsChemical Physics28
1062000Optimization of Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Device Jennifer ColegroveJack KellyChemical Physics20
1072000Temperature Dependency of Viscoelastic Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsMingji CuiJack KellyPhysics61
1082000Patrick DunnDeng-Ke YangPhysics-
1092000Elasticity of Defects and Structures in Uniaxial Liquid Crystalstomohiro IshikawaOleg LavrentovichChemical Physics30
1102000Polymer Networks Formed in Liquid Crystals and Their ApplicationsRui-Quing MaDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics37
1112000A Study of the Phase Separation of PDLC Using Patterned ITO Substrate Coated with a Variety of Alignment LayersEui-Yeul ParkJohn WestChemical Physics-
1122000The Homeotropic to Planar Transition in Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsPhilip E. WatsonPhilip BosChemical Physics70
1132000Electro-Optical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Devices and Applications of Dual Frequency CholestericsMing XuDeng-Ke YangChemical Physics61
1141999Liquid Crystal Orientational Order in Confined Geometries: An NMR Huairen ZengDaniele FinotelloPhysics-
1151999Comparative Studies of Single-Polarizer Reflective Liquid Crystal DisplaysKuo-Yuin LiJack KellyChemical Physics-
1161999Investigation of an Under-Twist Defect Near the Threshold in STN Liquid Crystal DisplaysShuxin LiPhilip BosChemical Physics16
1171999Fabrication and Optical Effects of a Discotic Negative Birefringence Film for Liquid Crystal DisplaysHiroyuki MoriPhilip BosChemical Physics33
1181999Single and Multiple Light Scattering Studies of PDLC Films in the presence of Electric FieldWei WuJack KellyPhysics-
1191999Multi-Dimensional Alignment of Liquid Crystals and its Application to the Bistable Twist CellCharles HokePhilip BosChemical Physics30
1201998Numerical Modeling of Confined Liquid-Crystal SystemsSami MkaddemEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics-
1211998Theory of Liquid Crystal Static Distortions in Uniaxial and Biaxial NematicsHong LiuDavid AllenderPhysics33
1221998A Theoretical Study of Surface Induced Phenomena in nematic Liquid CrystalsHristina GalabovaDavid AllenderPhysics47
1231998Polarized Ultraviolet Light Induced Alignment for Liquid Crystal Displays on well-Defined Polyimide FilmsXiao-Ding WangJohn West
David Allender
1241997The Effect of Temperature on the Stability and Electro-Optics of Bistable Reflective CholestericsMartin BrettJohn WestChemical Physics-
1251997Laser Induced Configurational Transition in Liquid CrystalsGongjian HuPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1261996Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions in Porous MediaSihai QianDaniele FinotelloPhysics51
1271996The Study of Dielectric and Electro-Optic Response of Liquid Crystals in Confined SystemsHong DingJack KellyPhysics47
1281996Field-Induced Transitions in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Dynamics and Applications in DisplaysXiao-Yang HuangWilliam DoanePhysics-
1291996Characterization and Optimization of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystals: Dynamics and Applications in DisplaysSyed H. JamalJack KellyPhysics-
1301995Nonrubbing Techniques for Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals: Fundamentals and ApplicationsJianmin ChenDavid JohnsonPhysics45
1311995Light Induced Instabilities in SmecticsRaymond FolksOleg LavrentovichPhysics-
1321995Reflective Cholesteric Liquid Crystal DisplaysZhijian LuWilliam DoanePhysics-
1331995X-ray Studies of Phase Transitions and Structures of Some Columnar Liquid Song DaiNathan SpielbergPhysics-
1341995Reflection from Imperfect Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Basic Properties and ApplicationsWilliam FritzWilliam DoanePhysics43
1351995Critical Behavior of Heat Capacity Near a Nematic-Smectic A Tricritical PointJing HuangDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1361995Surface Anchoring at a Polymer/Liquid Crystal Interface in the Neighborhood of the Glass TransitionYimin JiJack KellyPhysics-
1371995Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Surface Effects and Critical Phenomena in Nematic Liquid CrystalsNatasha KothekarDavid AllenderPhysics-
1381995High Resolution X-Ray and Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of Liquid Crystal StructureJoseph T. MangSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1391994Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystals: Polymer Dispersions and Chiral Smectic PhasesSugath AbegunarathnaAlfred SaupePhysics-
1401994High Resolution X-Ray Reflectivity Studies of Ordering in Liquid Crystal and Polymer Thin FilmsBrian C. CullSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1411994Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Textures for Scattering Mode Projection Light ValvesYeuk K. FungWilliam DoanePhysics36
1421994Molecular Dynamics of Glass-Forming Polymer, Plasticized Polymers and Liquid Crystal Polymers: An Electron Paramagnetic StudySeung Hee LeeGelerinterPhysics-
1431994Determination of Surface Anchoring of Nematic Liquid Crystals from Optical Response MeasurementsJianlin LiPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1441994The Effects of Polyethylene Oxide on Curvature, Elasticity and Viscosity of Micellar Nematic Cesium Perfluoro-Octanotate Water MixturesSungsik PakAlfred SaupePhysics-
1451994Finite-Element Analysis of the Landau-de Gennes Minimization Problem for Liquid Crystals in ConfinementTimothy DavisEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics36
1461994Solution of the Landau-de Gennes Equations of Liquid Crystal Physics on a SIMD ComputerRheinhardt ZellerEugene Jr GartlandChemical Physics-
1471994Calorimetric and X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Phase Transitions in Lyotropic Liquid CrystalsSung-Tae ShinSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1481993Phase Behavior and Electro-Optics of Dispersions of Polymers and Low Molecular Weight Liquid CrystalsDavid S. FredleyJohn WestChemical Physics44
1491993AC Calorimetric Study of Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions and Restrictive GeometriesGermano IannacchioneDaniele FinotelloPhysics-
1501993Iterative Solutions to Nonlinear Wave Equation in a X(2) Medium and Permittivity Gradient Induced Polarization and Second Harmonic Generation in Inhomogeneous MediaNandana AmarasingheDavid MoroiPhysics-
1511993The Effect of Molecular Anchoring and Curvature on Confined Nematic Liquid CrystalsRenate Ondris-CrawfordWilliam DoanePhysics-
1521993Effects of Polymers in the Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystals and Dynamics of Field AlignmentDu Rim KimAlfred SaupePhysics-
1531993High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Study of Frustrated SmecticsPrem L. PatelSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1541992Optical Fibers with Liquid Crystalline CoresHefen LinPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1551992Novel Mesomorphic Systems Based on Heteromethylene Bridged BiphenylsDevdatt NagvekharDerry FishelChemistry-
1561992Dielectric Response of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystalline FilmsDesmond SeekolaJack KellyPhysics39
1571992Phase Separation Kinetics of Binary Liquid Crystal Polymer MixturesJae Yon KimPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics25
1581991High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Nematic to Smectic-A Phase Transition and the Frustrated Smectic A PhaseLi ChenSatyendra KumarPhysics-
1591991Nematic Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Cavities: A 2H-NMR StudyGregory P. CrawfordWilliam DoaneChemical Physics-
1601991Critical Properties of Nematic-Isotropic Transition Near the Landau Point and Line Defects in Biaxial NematicsJiming LiuAlfred SaupePhysics31
1611991Nonlinear Optical Properties of Liquid CrystalsHaiji (Jim) YuanPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1621991X-Ray Study of Some Columnar Thermotropic MesophasesMoinuddin SarkarNathan SpielbergPhysics-
1631991Part 1. Novel Syntheses of Substituted 6H-D(b,d) Pyrans by Pschorr Cyclization; Part 2. Synthesis and Studies of Mesomorphic Compounds Derived from 3-Amino and 3-Hydroxy-6H-D(b,d) PyransWen-Chen SuDerry FishelChemistry-
1641991Mossbauer Studies of Some 1. Iron(III) Spin Crossover Systems and 2. A Cold Cholesteric Liquid CrystalDarwin BoydDavid UhrichPhysics-
1651991Instabilities During Directional Solidification of a Transparent MaterialJames T GleesonPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1661990Quantum Simulations of the Ground State Electronic Structure of Diatomic MoleculesRavi SubramaniamMichael LeePhysics-
1671990Liquid Crystals Containing the Dibenzopyran Nucleus: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of 3-(4-n-Alkoxybenzylidene-amino) Dibenzo[b,d]PyranSundar SubramanyamDerry FishelChemistry-
1681990Electro-Optic Response of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid CrystalsJohn H. ErdmannWilliam DoanePhysics-
1691990Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Homeotropic Surface Effect on the Cholesteric-Nematic Phase Transition of a Compensated MixtureJong-Cheon LeeDavid Allender
Vernon Neff
1701990Elasticity and Dynamic Properties of Ionic Micellar MixturesSulakshana PlumleyAlfred SaupePhysics-
1711989Light Scattering and Magnetic Field Deformation Study Near the Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition: Critical Behavior of Twist and Bend Elastic Hemasiri VithanaDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1721989Light Scattering from Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsJoe B. Whitehead, Jr.William DoanePhysics-
1731989Nematic Liquid Crystals in Electric and Nematic FieldsBarbara J. FriskenPeter Palffy-MuhorayPhysics-
1741989Model Hamiltonian Calculations of the Nonlinear Polarizabilities of Conjugated MoleculesSteven RisserMichael LeePhysics-
1751988Effects of Anesthetic Membrane Solutes on Orientational Order in Lecithin Bilayer Membranes: An NMR StudyNason PhonphokPhilip Westerman
William Doane
1761987Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsAttilio GolemmeWilliam DoaneChemical Physics-
1771987Quantum Simulation of Polyene Ground StatesStefan KlemmMichael LeePhysics-
1781987Critical Properties of Phase Transitions in Micellar Nematics in Microscopic Textures of Micellar CholestericsGeorge MelnikAlfred SaupePhysics-
1791987A Deuterium Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of the SF PhaseJoao FigueirinhasWilliam DoanePhysics-
1801987A Mode 1 Light Scattering Study of the Smectic-A Phase Near the NA Transition: Critical Behavior of the Layer Dilation Elastic CoefficientMichael E. LewisDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1811987Curvature Elasticity of the Micellar NematicsE. ZhouAlfred SaupePhysics-
1821987Director Dynamics Above Nematic-Smectic (A,C) TransitionsIqbal KhanDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1831986The Influence of Monovalent Ions on Dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-choline Bilayer Structure and PackingBeth A. CunninghamLeonard Lis
William Doane
1841986Classical and Quantum Computer Simulation Studies: Molecular Dynamics of the Kerr Effect in Carbon di-sulfide in Green's Function Monte Carlo Calculations of the Electronic Correlation Energy in AtomsYoung-Hee LeeMichael LeePhysics-
1851986Deuterium NMR of Asymmetric Motion and Molecular Ordering in Liquid Crystals and Microdroplet Controlled Scattering in Display ApplicationsBao-Gang WuWilliam DoanePhysics-
1861985Quantum Simulations of the Ground State of the One-Dimensional Hubbard ModelKazi A. MottakabbirMichael LeePhysics-
1871985Phenomena at the Isotropic - Nematic Transition Induced by Surface OrderGirardeau HendersonDavid AllenderPhysics-
1881985Analysis of the X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of the Skewed Cybotactic Nematic Phase of p-n-Octyloxybenzoic AcidHsing-Chung LiuNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
1891985Theoretical Studies of Local Orientational Order in Cholesterics and Cholesteric Liquid Crystal MixturesPetros VlachopoulosMichael LeePhysics-
1901985The Development of Some Molecular Models for Smectic A PhasesJolly A. RahmanNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
1911985An EPR Study of Glass-Forming Liquids and Liquid CrystalsJohanan SpielbergEdward GelerinterPhysics-
1921984Nematic Phases in Liquid Crystals: Theory of Uniaxiality and Biaxiality and an NMR Study of ReetrantsNajma HafizDavid Allender
William Doane
1931984Iron-57 Mossbauer Temperature Study of Smectic A., Smectic B and Smectic C Liquid Crystalline GlassesRobert P. MarandeDavid UhrichPhysics-
1941984A Deuterium NMR Study of Orientational Order and Spatial Modulation in Phosphatidyl Choline Bilayers Including Those Containing Cholesterol and ProteinLawrence M. StrenkWilliam DoanePhysics-
1951983Director Elasticity Above the Nematic-Smectic A TransitionRizwan MahmoodDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1961983Theoretical Studies on the Dielectric Permittivity of Liquid Crystals with Application to Alkylazoxybenzene DerivativesRoberet A. RothAlfred SaupePhysics-
1971983Physical Properties of Nematic Decylammonium Chloride/Ammonium Chloride/Water SystemsMichael E. StefanovAlfred SaupePhysics-
1981983Thermal Properties Near the Nematic-Smectic A Tricritical PointRand R. BiggersDavid JohnsonPhysics-
1991983Optical Studies on Micellar Nematics and on Phase Transitions Between Nematic StatesPoonpong BoonbrahmAlfred SaupePhysics-
2001983Light Scattering and Magnetic Deformation Study of the Nematic-Smectic A TransitionClarence E. GoodenDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2011983An X-Ray Study on the Thermal Behavior of Potassium-Palmitate-Water MixturesSamuel P. BenigniNathan SpielbergPhysics-
2021983Sn-119 Mossbauer Investigation of Different Sn-Bearing Molecules in Nematic and Smectic GlassesDouglas G. TodoroffDavid UhrichPhysics-
2031982A Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Study of Biaxial Ordering and Self-Diffusion in Chiral Nematic and Smectic PhasesZvi YanivWilliam DoanePhysics-
2041982Proton Magnetic Resonance in Nematic Solvents: Orientation and Structure of Anthaquinone Derivatives and a Linewidth Analysis of Benzene SpectrumBrij B. SharmaAlfred SaupePhysics-
2051982Molecular and Segmental Orientational Order in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: An NMR StudyAnil N. ShettyWilliam DoanePhysics-
2061982Laser Light Scattering of Surface Fluctuations of Liquid CrystalsLih-Bin ShihGlenn BrownChemistry-
2071981Mean Field Study of Molecular Tilt in Uniaxial Liquid Crystalline PhasesMichael R. KuzmaDavid Allender
David Johnson
2081981Orientational Order in Phospholipid, Cholesterol-Phospholipid, and Protein-Phospholipid Bilayer Membranes: A DMR StudyMaria J. VazWilliam DoanePhysics-
2091981Mossbauer Study of the Smectic Liquid Crystalline Glass Phase Using Sn-bearing MoleculesPetros KtoridesDavid UhrichPhysics-
2101981Indices of Refraction at Smectic A-Smectic C Phase TransitionsThomas E. LockhartEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2111980Specific Heat in the Vicinity of a Nematic-Smectic A-Smectic C Multicritical Richard J. DehoffDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2121980Elastic and Viscous Properties of Nematic Systems in Aqueous Decylammonium Chloride SolutionsThomas J. HavenAlfred SaupePhysics-
2131980Rotational Diffusion in Nematic Liquid CrystalsBernard L. RichardsDavid MoroiPhysics-
2141980Proton Magnetic Resonance Study on Iron bis(cyclopentadienyl) in Nematic SolutionsGerard H. BaginskiAlfred SaupePhysics-
2151980X-Ray and Optical Studies of Several Smectic PhasesArun EkachaiNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
2161980X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Skewed Cybotactic Nematic PhasesVijay N. SethnaNathan Spielberg
Adriaan De Vries
2171980Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Orientational Order in Lyotropic Liquid CrystalsNuno A. VazWilliam DoanePhysics-
2181980Structure-Property Relationships of Thermotropic Liquid CrystalsPrakash NaiksatamDerry FishelChemistry-
2191979The Effect of Calcium on the Thermotropic Phase Behavior of Dipalmitol Phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) MultilayersWilliam GraddickNathan SpielbergPhysics-
2201978Divergence of the Bend Curvature Coefficient above the Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition: Freedericksz TransitionDouglas J. BrisbinDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2211978A Test of Curvature Elasticity Above the Nematic-Smectic A Phase TransitionStephen J. MajorosDavid JohnsonPhysics-
2221978Iron-57 Mossbauer Temperature Study of Nematic, Smectic B and Smectic H Liquid Crystalline GlassesWalter J. LapriceDavid UhrichPhysics-
2231978NMR Studies of Orientational Order in the Smectic C Liquid Crystalline PhasePhilip J. BosWilliam DoanePhysics-
2241978Investigations of Liquid Crystals: Part I. The Effect of Terminal Substitutent Branching on Mesogenic Behavior of Phenyl Benzoates. Part II. Synthesis of Novel Organotin Compounds Exhibiting Liquid Crystalline BehaviorRichard DsidockyDerry FishelChemistry-
2251976An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of the Action of Selected Polyene Antibiotics on Lipid Planar Multibilayers (Model Membranes)Catherine M. FlickEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2261976Spin-Lattice Relaxation and Director Fluctuations in Nematic Liquid CrystalsPaul UklejaWilliam DoanePhysics-
2271976A Class of Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamic Effects in a Nematic Liquid CrystalElan MoritzW FranklinPhysics-
2281976Fe-57 Mossbauer Study of Four Ferrocene Derivatives in a Smectic B Liquid Crystalline GlassVictor Q. AimiuwuDavid UhrichPhysics-
2291975Optical Studies of Electric Field Effects in Nematic Liquid Crystals That Have Some Smectic OrderingArthur L. BermanEdward GelerinterPhysics-
2301975Mean Field Study of the Formation of Uniaxial Smectic Liquid Crystals with Polarized LayersPanagiotis J. PhotinosAlfred SaupePhysics-
2311974The Effect of Compressibility on the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid CrystalsJohn S. H. ChienVernon NeffChemistry-
2321974Theories of Intermolecular Potential and Molecular Diffusion in the Mesophases of Liquid Crystalline SystemsKwo-Sun ChuDavid MoroiPhysics-
2331974An X-Ray Study of the Crystal Structure and the Smectic E Structure of a Smectogenic Liquid Crystal -- Di-n-Propyl-p-terphenyl-4,4-carboxylateDavid Buu-Vinh ChungGlenn BrownChemistry-
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Stan Christensen
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