26th International Liquid Crystal Conference

July 31 - August 5, 2016
Kent State University
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Registration:  Registration starts at 2pm, July 30 and continues throughout the conference.  The locations change depending on dates and time.  More details, please click here.
Where to eat: Kent State University and the City of Kent have a lot to offer for your dietary experience  during your one week stay for the ILCC 2016 from fast and casual foods to reputed restaurants. Here are the guides and maps for on-campus restaurants located mostly in KSU Student Center and off-campus restaurants located in downtown Kent.  Participants are provided with a precharged debit card called FlashCard, which is accepted by all stores and restaurants on campus, and by many restaurants and shops in downtown.  Some of the local restaurants offer special discount for the ILCC 2016 participants with the conference badge.

Breakfast: For those staying on-campus, breakfast will be served in the 2nd Floor Dining Room in KSU Student Center. Except for Sunday morning, the guests will use FlashCard to buy a preferred menu at Kent Market 2.  $8 credit is precharged for one night of stay except the night of July 30. For the morning of July 31, a custom cooked breakfast will be served at the 2nd Floor Dining Room.  $8 has been deducted from the precharded credit, and you do not need to pay for this Sunday breakfast.  The Dining Room will open at 8am.

Lunch: There is plenty of lunch time for you to expand the area of exploration to downtown Kent as well as the restaurants and stores on campus.  $50 is precharged in your FlashCard for you to choose the lunch you would enjoy most.  FlashCard controls only the total credit you can use; you can spend in any you like until the limit written on your card.  

Dinner:  This is the best chance to enjoy the variety of foods that the restaurants in newly renovated downtown can offer.  Many of the restaurants are of exceptional quality with authentic tastes.  FlashCard is accepted at many, if not all places.  
Buses to Conference Dinner Several buses will depart from the corner of Midway and Theater Drive between 5:30pm - 6:15pm.   For more details, click here.
After Hour Social Place: RATHSKELLAR, located at the lower level of KSU Student Center is open in the evening for participants of the ILCC 2016.  Cash Bar is available.  Open 8pm-11pm. 
About the conference in general: Hiroshi Yokoyama, hyokoyam@kent.edu, 330-672-2633
        Mary Ann Kopcak, mkopcak@kent.edu, 330-672-1552
About the program: Peter Palffy-Muhoray, mpalffy@kent.edu, 330-672-2604 (office)
About transportation: Jeffery McCann,jmccann3@kent.edu, 330-672-1550 (office)
About on-campus lodging: Twin Towers 24 hour desk 330 672-3915.
Kent State University Police: 9-1-1 (emergency), otherwise 330-672-3070